Kirsehir rugs

Kirsehir is located in Central Anatolia between Ankara and Keyseri.

Kirsehir prayer rug 18th century (Mevlana Museum Konya)
Kirshehir prayer rug. Anatolia, Turkey, antique, around 1800.
179 cm x 127 cm. (Hans Homm 27 September 2014)
Lot 514. Anatolian Kirshehir rug circa 1920. Size 102×160 cm. (Schuler June 2014)
Anatolian Kirshehir circa 1800. 160 cm x 101 cm (Hans Homm 14 September 2013)
ANTIQUE KIRSEHIR/MUCUR. 162,5 x 107,5 cm. (Bukowskis 4 December 2012)

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