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Baluch Khorjin half 300x338 - New England Rug Society - online exhibitionsNERS has just published a new online exhibition. The exhibition is a online duplication of the ACOR 8 exhibition “Baluch” from the Collection of Mark Hopkins.”All of these 30 pieces originate from either northeastern Iran or northwestern Afghanistan and none comes from the Baluchistan region of Pakistan” says Mark Hopkins. “The age of these rugs is also subject to much speculation but I suspect half or more are from the 20th Century and a few may precede 1850 – some of these pieces are truly from Baluch weavers; others are from nomadic and settled groups weaving in the Baluch tradition”, he continues.Mark Hopkins is president for New England Rug Society and also member of the ACOR Board of Directors.

The New England Rug Society has a long history of exhibiting pieces from the member’s collections. The first exhibition in 1991 was entitled “Through the Collector’s Eye – Oriental Rugs from New England Private Collections” and was displayed on the first American Conference on Oriental Rugs in Boston. This exhibition was reproduced on NERS website in 2002 just after the society had launched another online exhibition “Prayer Rugs & Related Textiles”.

The online exhibition “To Have and To Hold” with focus on tribal transport and storage bags followed in January of 2004.The New England Rug Society is now in the process of adding virtual records of some of the ACOR 8 exhibitions. Two of them have been posted “Baluch” as mentioned first in this article, and “Rare and Unusual Turkmen Pile Weavings”. This online representation includes impressing virtual restorations of some of the displayed rugs.

More information: NERS Online Gallery

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