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The Buzz at Nagel in Stuttgart is a portion of the collection of the late, great, mathematician and uber collector Dr Jonathan Broido; a passionate and dedicated scholar/collector known for his pursuit of rare and archaic Turkoman weavings.

Lot 35, a Karadashli shallow bag from the collection of Jonathan Broido.

Those of us that were fortunate enough to have seen Jonathan’s engsi exhibition at Sartirana in 2008 might recognize lots 10, 14, 18, 19. 20, and 21. Broido’s passion for tentbands (especially their meanings) is represented by 4 fragments, including a Salor ( lot 11, also for some inexplicable reason shown at the Sartirana engsi exhibition) and a dimunitive, all pile, ‘Eagle Group’ bit that is bound to garner some attention.

Lot 11, tent band fragment.

A small group of 4 main carpets is headed up with a monumental kepse fragment that blows the popular, dumb, theory that “all kepse weavings are late” out of the water. Color, scale, balance and articulation of design are perfect while the elems are rare and fantastic. For those whom might have a problem with the generally distressed condition of most of the Broido offerings there is a Karadashli shallow bag (lot 35) and a “pseudo Chodor” chuval (lot37) with amazing color that are in good pile and do not seem to be afflicted with the problems that the rest of the collection has.

Lot 37, a “pseudo Chodor” chuval from the collection of Jonathan Broido.

Regrettably, a good portion of the Broido collection was “lost” in transit from his home in Italy to his family in London. Inevitably these rugs will show up somewhere and when they do perhaps they will be offered in a future auction.

There are other good Turkoman weavings in this auction that deserve attention but are overshadowed by a seven sided, red field, Yomud asmalyk (“from a private collection in Bavaria”) that will most certainly fetch the highest price (lot 162).

Lot 162, seven sided, red field, Yomud asmalyk from a private collection in Bavaria.

Location and more information: Nagel Auction, 22 March 2011 in Stuttgart, Germany

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