Dealers Fair preview II

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Following our recent Dealers Fair preview we will show our readers a few more rugs there will be on display at the Dealers Fair at ICOC Stockholm 16-19 June 2011.

Carpet with gol farangh design. Afshar tribe, Sirjan area circa 1870. Size 252 x 147 cm. Exhibitor Alberto Levi.
Caucasian ChiChi dated 1824. Size 166×127 cm. Exhibitor Farmand Gallery.
Gabbeh Rug, 230 x 130 cm, age ca. 1900. Exhibitor Mohammad Tehrani
Heriz vagireh 78×50 cm. Exhibitor Lars Nygaard
18th century White ground rug with tribal emblems Cappadocia. Size 111 x 90 cm. Exhibitor Alberto Levi.
NW Persian wagireh or fragment. Exhibitor Lars Nygaard.
Yomut /Karadashli Maincarpet, 271 x 154 cm, early 19th century. Exhibitor Mohammad Tehrani.
Kain panjang pagi-sore skirt cloth in batik. Pekalongan, Java, Indonesia circa 1940. Exhibitor Tina Tabone.
Central anatolian striped kilim,18th century. Exhibitor Marvadim.
Early Spanish carpet first part of 19th century or earlier. Size 3.25m x 1.80m. Exhibitor Aaron Nejad.
Bakhtiar 48×64 cm. Exhibitor Lars Nygaard.
Heriz Vaghereh 19th century 235×153 cm. Exhibitor Farmand Gallery.

Location and more information: ICOC Stockholm, Sweden

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