Kyrgyz Reed Screens at the Nickle Arts Museum

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Detail of Reed screen from the Sommer-Krieger Collection
Detail of Reed screen from the Sommer-Krieger Collection

The Nickle Arts Museum presents the exhibition “Reeds & Wool Patterned Screens of Central Asia” from the Sommer-Krieger Collection 2 October, 2009 – 6 February, 2010.

Located in the heart of Central Asia, the people and culture of Kyrgyzstan were little known until the dissolution of the Soviet Republic in 1991.

Reeds and Wool features a selection of dramatic Kyrgyz reed textiles that speak to their traditional lives as nomadic herders of cows and horses. Reeds screens were used as furnishings in yurts and share motifs and meanings with other more widelyknown Kyrgyz textiles including kilims, felts, and silk ikats.

The Sommer-Krieger collection features 19th and 20th century screens and offers a unique vantage point for understanding Kyrgyz culture. The exhibition is curated by John L. Sommer.


8 October, 2009, 12-1pm Curator’s tour of the exhibition

9 October, 2009, 4:30pm Opening reception “Reed Screens of Central Asia” a lecture by Dr John L. Sommer (starts 5:30pm).

22 October, 2009, 12-1pm “Herder’s Calling” a film by Najeeb Mirza

19 November, 2009,12-1pm “Cultures Conditions, Considerations: Explorations and Reflections on Modern Mongolia” a lecture by Dr Brian Sinclair

7 January, 2010, 12-1pm “The Khirgiz of Afghanistan” a film by Charlie Nairn

Location and more information The Nickle Arts Museum, University of Calgary 434 Collegiate Blvd NW Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Jozan Magazine 27 September 2009

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