Workshop on Tuduc Rugs 11 February in San Francisco

San Francisco Bay Area Rug Society and Peter Pap Oriental Rugs has arranged a workshop on Tuduc Rugs. This workshop will take place Saturday 11 February 2012, 11.30 am at 470 Jackson Street in San Francisco. Stefano Ionescu will talk on Tuduc forgeries in European and American collections, presenting about 80 slides on significant facts about Tuduc and his rugs.

Famous fakes

A book about Tuduc fakes edited and written by Stefano Ionescu has just been published. The book is entitled “Handbook of Fakes by Tuduc” and includes 76 images of Tuduc fakes and images of authentic examples used as models for Tuduc. Stefano Ionescu’s handbook presents a framework for identifying suspect carpets which involves examination of technical and stylistic characteristics of Tuduc’s workmanship. “Alberto Boralvi has kindly contributed biographical notes and a portrait of Teodor Tuduc and also provided valuable information about fakes” says Stefano Ionescu to Jozan Magazine. Theodor Tudoc was a Romanian master weaver which forgeries and “reproductions” of … Read more

Unravelling the Yarns, War Rugs and Soldiers

A new exhibition at The Military Museums in Calgary explores the development of war rugs in the context of Canadian soldiers’ experiences in Afghanistan. Unravelling the Yarns, War Rugs and Soldiers is on view in the Founders’ Gallery from September 11, 2010 through January 31, 2011. The exhibition features selections from The Fyke Collection of Afghan War Rugs in the collection of The Nickle Arts Museum together with examples of weaponry and other artifacts from the collection of the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry Museum and Archives. The first war rugs were likely woven in … Read more

Kyrgyz Reed Screens at the Nickle Arts Museum

The Nickle Arts Museum presents the exhibition “Reeds & Wool Patterned Screens of Central Asia” from the Sommer-Krieger Collection 2 October, 2009 – 6 February, 2010. Located in the heart of Central Asia, the people and culture of Kyrgyzstan were little known until the dissolution of the Soviet Republic in 1991. Reeds and Wool features a selection of dramatic Kyrgyz reed textiles that speak to their traditional lives as nomadic herders of cows and horses. Reeds screens were used as furnishings in yurts and share motifs and meanings with other more widelyknown Kyrgyz textiles including … Read more

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