Exhibitions at ACOR 8 in Boston 2006

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The American Conference on Oriental Rugs, ACOR 8 in Boston, included 12 interesting exhibitions. In the first part of the exhibition reviews I have chosen to show rugs from New England Collects, Gems of Caucasus, the Collection of Gerard Paquin and Baluch rugs from the collection of Mark Hopkins.

New England Collects
The exhibition included 50 examples of textiles from 26 members of the New England Rug Society. According to the curator for the exhibition, Julia Bailey, the collectors appetite for older, atypical rugs and tolerance for less-than-pristine condition are more evident now than on earlier conference exhibitions.

NEC – Turkish prayer rug
NEC – Persian rug from the Arak region
NEC – Qashqai rug

Gems of the Caucaus
The exhibition included antique Caucasian rugs from the Rudnick Collection. Curators were Rosalie and Mitchell Rudnick.

Eagle Kazak – Rudnick Collection
Kazak early 19th century – Rudnick Collection
Kuba prayer rug – Rudnick Collection
Marasali prayer rug – Rudnick Collection
Shirvan prayer rug – Rudnick Collection

Rugs from the Collection of Gerard Paquin

Top: Ersari bag face mid 19th century
Yumud asmalyk early 19th century
Gerard Paquin Collection
Tekke main carpet 18th century
Gerard Paquin Collection

Baluch from the collection of Mark Hopkins

Baluch prayer rugs – Mark Hopkins
Timuri prayer rug – Mark Hopkins

Jozan has covered the exhibition Tribal Bags of South Persia in a special exhibition review.


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