Domotex – Carpet Design Awards 2009

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Best Nomadic, Heidarian Carpet < €150 m²
Best Nomadic, Heidarian Carpet < €150 m²

This years Domotex took place 17-20 January 2009 in Hanover, Germany.

The fair included the Carpet Design Awards as in earlier years. This year saw 140 carpets from 18 countries entered for the Carpet Design Awards.

A panel of experienced and well known judges selected thirty carpets for a shortlist of finalists, allocating three carpets to each of the competition’s ten categories. The winners were announced at the award presentation by Stephan Ph. Kühne, Member of the Board at Deutsche Messe AG, and Sebastian Ghandchi, Managing Director of Hali Publications.

Ben Evans, Editor of “HALI”, commented: “All 30 carpets that made the final round excelled in terms of innovative design and craftsmanship. The Carpet Design Awards demonstrate the talent and skills within our trade, and are therefore of particular importance for the handmade carpet segment of the market.”

The winners Category 1: Best Modern Design < €100 m² Zollanvari AG, Deco Gabbeh Comment: Beautiful colour, design and modernity… great architectural balance… dynamic and harmonious

Category 2: Best Modern Design €100 m² – €250 m² Zollanvari AG, Broken Waves Comment: Very easy to place and sell… beautiful colours, design and quality

Category 3: Best Modern Design > €250 m² Werner Weber, Noor Comment: The chromatic combination is fantastic… to create this kind of movement is not easy… it’s wonderful!

Category 4: Best Traditional Nomadic Design < €150 m² Heidarian Carpet, Setareh Comment: The clear winner… the nomadic tradition is truly expressed in the diamonds… well controlled colour and exceptionally woven

Best Nomadic > €150 m² – Aghamiri Persian Rugs

Category 5: Best Traditional Nomadic Design > €150 m²

Aghamiri Persian Rugs, Tacheh: Bakhtiari

Comment: A beautiful interpretation of a truly traditional nomadic design… the quality is incredible!

Category 6: Best Traditional Workshop/Formal Design

Heidarian Carpet, Sarvy

Comment: Wonderful movement… very well drawn and balanced… they have gone a step further in perfecting the quality of this production…

Category 7: Best Antique Carpet Bereket Hali, Tulu Comment: The genuine thing and very rare… a real old Tulu full of charm and character with even the old restorations intact

Best Workshop – Heidarian

Category 8: Best Collection Modern Zoe Luyendijk Studio, Inc., City Collection Comment: They work as real rugs… a lot of subtlety and visual texture… beautiful variety of colours…

Category 9: Best Collection Traditional Jan Kath Design GmbH, Le Maroc Blanc Comment: A sensitive, innovative and cohesive collection… it is hard to successfully reproduce this simplicity… beautiful wool and texture…

Category 10: Best Innovation Zollanvari AG, Pointillism Comment: A wonderful innovation… a total eye catcher… it’s fantastic!

Source: Domotex press release

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