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Honours to carpet retailers

Carpet XL honours exemplary carpet retailers at Domotex, 14 January 2018 Which specialist carpet retailers and departments set good examples in the market? Who is especially courageous, creative and successful? At Domotex 2018 in Hanover, the world’s largest trade fair for floorcoverings, Carpet XL honoured exemplary achievements and concepts with … read more

New award ‘Carpet XL Star’ award

Carpet XL Award Carpet XL has announced a new award ‘Carpet XL Star’ to outstanding companies in the rug retail business. ‘With this award we want to support the rug trade in several ways. First of all, it is of course a good motivation for the winners to be officially … read more

Domotex 2014 and the Carpet Design Awards

Domotex 2014 will take place 11-14 January 2014 in Hanover. This leading trade fair for floor coverings and hand made carpets includes the ninth edition of the Carpet Design Awards… read more

Carpet Design Awards at Domotex 2013

Domotex 2013 will take place 12-15 January 2013 in Hanover. As recent years this trade fair includes the Carpet Design Awards in ten categories. Deadline for entries for the 2013 competition is 6 November 2012… read more