Central Asian Ikats on view at Seattle Asian Art Museum

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Young Adult’s Robe, 1870s, Central Asia
Young Adult’s Robe, 1870s, Central Asia

Seattle Asian Art Museum is hosting an exhibition of Central Asian Ikats entitled “Colors of the Oasis”. This exhibition, which will run though 5 August 2012, showcases 65 Central Asian Ikat textiles, and most of them are from Uzbekistan. In the museum’s major gallery the visitor will walk around in an hectic Ikat city bazaar giving a sense of walking into a crowded market in a Oasis city of Central Asia.

Pamela McClusky is the curator for the ongoing exhibition in Seattle.

The related program includes public 60-minutes tours every Saturday and Sunday at noon.

This exhibition is on loan from The Textile Museum in Washington.  Formerly it was on display at the Textile Museum from October 2010 – March 2011. The TM exhibition was curated by Sumru Belger Krody.

Location and more information: Seattle Asian Art Museum, 1400 East Prospect Street, Volunteer Park, Seattle

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