Mosaic copies of Oriental rugs

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Rugs for flooring and wall hangings can be made of various materials, wool, cotton, silk, camel wool, jute to mention a few natural materials but have you ever seen a rug made of mosaics ?.

“I met a talented artist, Suzanne Spahi from Montreal, on our recent rug study tour to Uzbekistan. She creates mosaic copies of rugs to hang on the wall and her work is amazing” says Holly Mosby, Antique Oriental, to Jozan Magazine.

Last weekend Suzanne Spahi hosted a show of her mosaic rugs for the Montreal Rug Society at her gallery, 300 rue Villeray in Montreal. Her show is ongoing through 23 June 2012 and Suzanne Spahi invites visitors in town to get a first-hand look.

Detail of Mosaic rug
Suzanne Spahi and members of the Montreal Rug Society at her gallery

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