Art and Antiques including carpets at Dr. Eder

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Auktionshaus Dr. Eder will hold their next auction “Art and Antiques” including semi-antique and antique rugs 5 December 2020 at 10 am in Cologne.

The auction includes 96 carpet lots and among them Persian rugs, Caucasian rugs, Anatolian rugs and Chinese rugs. The viewing exhibition is open for the public 2-4 December.

Lot 694. Karachov, late 19th century, 248 x 180 cm
Lot 697. Heriz late 19th century. 406 x 287 cm.
Lot 734. Lori-Pampak late 19th century 226 x 142 cm

The online catalogue has been published and the carpet lots can be found at

Location and more information: Auktionshaus Dr. Eder, Lindenthalgürtel 66, 50935 Köln

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