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Bukowskis ‘Important Winter Sale 629’ 10-11 December 2020 includes 63 carpet lots. The carpet lots will be on sale 10 December and this part of the auction starts at 11am at Arsenalsgatan 2, Stockholm. The preview at Berzelii Park 1, Stocholm, will be open for the public 4-9 December.

Among the offers on the auction are antique and semi-antique Persian rugs, Chinese rugs, a few Turkmen rugs and Anatolian rugs, and some antique Swedish textiles. The top lot in the auction is lot 266, an antique Kum Kapi with metal brocade and an estimated price 150.000 – 200.000 SEK.

antique Kum Kapi rug
Lot 266. An antique Kum Kapi rug with metal brocade, Istanbul around 1910, “Sultan’s Head Prayer” design. Ca 149,5-150 x 103,5-104 cm. Estimate 150.000 – 200.000 SEK
Heriz carpet
Lot 241. An antique Heriz carpet, ca 454,5-460,5 x 268-285 cm. Estimate 30.000 – 40.000 SEK
antique Tekke main carpet
Lot 272. An antique Tekke main carpet, ca 287-293,5 x 207-219,5 cm. Estimate 12.000 – 15.000 SEK
Chinese pillar rug
Lot 255. An antique Chinese pillar rug, late Qing dynasty, around 1900, ca 178-180,5 x 92-93,5 cm. Estimate 8.000 – 10.000 SEK
semi-antique Kashan Motashem
Lot 249. A semi-antique Kashan Motashem, ca 292-297 x 220-236 cm. Estimate 60.000 – 80.000 SEK
bridal bed cover
Lot 230. A Swedish bridal bed cover, knotted pile, ca 189-190,5 x 160-164 cm, Hälsingland, Sweden, the 1750’s, rococo. Estimate 15.000 – 18.000 SEK

The catalogue is now published and can be found online at www.bukowskis.com.

More information: Bukowskis

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