‘Ancient Stars, Visions from Anatolia to the Caucasus’ at David Sorgato Gallery

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David Sorgato Gallery has arranged an exhibition ‘Ancient Stars, Visions from Anatolia to the Caucasus’  at his gallery in Milan as a part of the program for ‘The Hali Colloquium in Italy: Florence, Milan, Turin and Genoa‘. The visit in his gallery is scheduled to 8 February 2023 10:00-13:00 and 16:00-20:00.

Double-Niche Transylvania rug. Third quarter 17th century. Size: 145 x 118 cm. This is a superb example, in great condition and with a strong character that can be safely attributed to the third quarter of the 17th century. In the Black Church collection there is a similar rug, inv. 261 shown to the right, which is a twin of the actual one, most probably woven by the same hands.
Medallion Ushak West Anatolia
Medallion Ushak West Anatolia. Circa early 17th century. Size: 453 x 240 cm. This is a notable survivor of the late sixteenth century Medallion Ushak carpet, distinguished by its remarkable condition, and with a rich and unusually varied palette, which allows us to appreciate today the luxurious production of the Ottoman weaving ateliers.
“Star-Lattice” Yellow ground carpet West Anatolia
“Star-Lattice” Yellow ground carpet West Anatolia. Early 17th century. Size: 126 x 103 (cm 4’2’’ x 3’5’’). This magnificent carpet is similar to the one dated 15th century, present in the church of the monastery of Sighisoara in Romania. This masterpiece can be related to the “Dragon and Phoenix” rug, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Museum of Islamic Art at the Pergamon Museum Berlin, Germany (Museum für Islamische Kunst) / Georg Niedermeier Meier Meiser (inv. no: 1.4). 90 x 172 cm. mid to second half 15th century.

Registration is required to attend any of the events of The Hali Colloquium in Italy: Florence, Milan, Turin and Genoa.

Location: David Sorgato Gallery. Via S. Orsola 13, 20123 Milan

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