SF Rug Week: Ersari Main Carpets

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ERSARIIMAGEaIn conjunction with ARTS 12-17 October 2010 there will be a reception and lecture by SFBARS president Peter Poullada 14 October 7 pm in the gallery of Carpets of the Inner Circle,  444 Jackson St. San Francisco.

According to information from SFBARS his speak will illuminate the exhibition “Ersari Main Carpets, an exhibition of Central Asian weavings from the Middle Amu Darya”.

The focus in his speak will be on the so-called “gul-i-gul” main carpets woven the Ersari Turkmen tribesmen of the Middle Amu Darya region and the exhibition will show a small selection of gul-i-gul Ersari carpets.

Location:  Carpets of the Inner Circle,  444 Jackson St. San Francisco

More information: www.sfbars.org

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