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Jozan Magazine has invited Barbara Jacobs – Barbara Jacobs Color and Design – to tell about her new line of hand knotted Tibetan rugs “Silk Road Weaves”.

“Thanks for the opportunity to tell about our new line” she says to Jozan Magazine.

“Silk Road Weaves emerges from my long-time love of carpets and textiles, combined with the passion for color and design that I have brought to every project in over twenty years as a colorist and color consultant”.

0076 GUILD 565x800 - Modern Tibetan rugs

“This exciting medium of hand knotted Tibetan rugs allows me to bring my artistic vision to a functional as well as aesthetic destination, the decorative floor. Whether the design is motif-based or abstract, each piece is a unique visual composition. The designs have a contemporary flavor, but are at home in many styles of décor. My design inspirations come from art, history, cultures, and of course nature. As I select the colors and materials that best bring each design to life, a single visual color field is often composed of multiple colored yarns or a variety of fibers having unique visual and textural qualities. Each piece, like a painting, is a unique work of art. I enjoy providing the experience of becoming immersed in the excitement of color and the tactile, sensual lushness of wools and silk. ”

ElementsGroup 600x400 - Modern Tibetan rugs

“The beauty of our Silk Road Weaves collections transcends their sumptuous textures, luxurious colors, and unique designs. The underlying quality that permeates every piece, and the thread that connects them all, is the human experience. You will perceive the human connection in every step of the process. Upon arrival at the studio in Nepal, my original art work is translated by hand into a scaled, full-size paper version of the design. This is the pattern that the weavers will follow in creating your rug. Our Himalayan wool comes from a Tibetan family that has been in the wool trading business for three generations. The washed wool is taken to the village in Nepal where it is hand-carded and hand-spun. Then, the wool is brought to the dye workshop. Our weavers have worked with this company for the past fifteen years, and the workshop is known to be environmentally friendly”.

Connections 600x800 - Modern Tibetan rugs

“High-altitude Himalayan wool is noted for its superior lanolin content that increases the luster of the carpet with time and use! Chinese silk, and Himalayan Allo—a plant fiber—add to the textural nuances of our rugs. An artisan carpet from Silk Road Weaves is truly a work of fine craft, with centuries of quality workmanship in every hand tied knot. Our weavers use the traditional Tibetan cross-weave method of hand knotting. This exacting weaving style is known for creating floor coverings having exceptional durability. After the weaving is completed, a rug is removed from the loom and taken to be washed in the traditional way—by hand, without harmful chemicals. Then, attached to a specially designed stretcher, the rug is allowed to dry naturally in the sun”.

“Each day we encounter inquires about child labor in manufacturing. I place a high value on my association with RugMark, assuring our clients that no illegal child labor will ever be used in the production of Silk Road Weaves products”.

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