Galerie Koller, Carpets, Zurich, 9 December 2004

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Galerie Koller holds auction (A131) with carpets in Zurich 9 December 2004. The auction includes 93 rugs, carpets and textiles.
Selection from the preview.
All images ©Galerie Koller

LOT: 1715
RUG NAME: Dragon sumakh
AGE: Antique
ESTIMATE: 3.470 – 5.560 EUR
DESCRIPTION: DRAGON SUMAKH antique. Rust red central field, geometric patterning, hook motifs in green, white, blue and yellow, narrow yellow border. Slight wear. 278×191 cm.
€ 3470.- / 5560.-

LOT: 1725
AGE: Old
ESTIMATE: 5.560 – 8.330 EUR
DESCRIPTION: KARATCHOP old. Blue ground with light central medallion, with geometric patterning throughout with octagons, red border, good condition. 190 x 270 cm. EUR 5560.- / 8330.-

LOT: 1745
RUG NAME: Lori Pambak
AGE: Old
ESTIMATE: 4.170 – 6.250 EUR
DESCRIPTION: LORI PAMPAK old. Red ground with three medallions, with typical pattern with star motifs, light border, good condition. 254 x 190 cm. € 4170.- / 6250.-

LOT: 1746
AGE: antique
ESTIMATE: 3.470 – 5.560 EUR
DESCRIPTION: LORI-GASHGHAI, antique. Narrow blue central field, geometric patterning with stylised flowers in light blue and red, broad border similarly deco€ 3470.- / 5560.- rated. Good condition 310 x 210 cm.

LOT: 1776
RUG NAME: Veramin kilim
AGE: old
ESTIMATE: 1.040 – 1.390 EUR
DESCRIPTION: VERAMIN-KILIM, old. Horizontally striped in blue, yellow, brown, red and beige with geometric pattern. Good condition 294 x 145 cm. € 1040.- / 1390.-


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