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Bruun Rasmussen’s next auction including antique and semi-antique carpets will take place 5 December 2011. Previews are arranged from 23 November through 27 November.

Antique Keshan full silk souf, Persia. Niche design with flower vase in relief. C. 1900. 144 x 100 cm. Est. 2000.- Euro
Signed Seirafian rug, Persia. Medallion design on an ivory field. Knotted with kork wool on silk warps. C. 1 mio. kn. pr. sqm. Signed: Seirafian Isfahan Iran. Mid 20th century. 170 x 102 cm. Est. 1500.- Euro
Antique Kerman Lavar, Persia. Design of Nader Shah sitting at the throne surrounded by servants, advisers and wise men, mainborder with hunting secenries. Top with inscription: Nader Shah. C. 1900. 233 x 144 cm.
Seirafian Isfahan rug, Persia. Classical medallion design. Knotted with kork wool on silk warps. Signed: Seirafian Isfahan Iran. C. 1 mio. kn. pr. sqm. Mid 20th century. årh. 234 x 145 cm. Est. 2000-3000.- Euro
Kerman rug, Persia. Vase design. Early 20th century. 235 x 135 cm. Est. 10.000.- Euro.

Location and more information: Bruun Rasmussen Auctioneers, Bredgade 33, Copenhagen.

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