Bruun Rasmussen auction including carpets

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The upcoming Bruun Rasmussen auction 906, 2 March 2022 in Bredgade, Copenhagen, offers a limited number of oriental rugs and European tapestries.

The highlight of the sale is an early 17th century Polonaise silk and metal thread rug, followed by a colourful North West Persian Serapi carpet, a few fine classical Caucasian rugs and a Chinese empty field/dragon carpet.

Lot. 906/119. An early 17th century Persian Polonaise Isfahan/Keshan silk and metal thread rug. Size 150 x 210 cm. Provenance Danish private collection. Acquired at Sotheby´s, London, 6 May, 1977. lot. 178. Est: Euro 37.000-40.000
Lot. 906/142. An antique Serapi carpet, Persia. 345 x 282 cm. 17.000-20.000 Euro
Lot. 906/112. A Flemish 17th century tapestry. Est. 5.400-6.700 Euro.
Lot. 906/213. A signed Yazd carpet, Persia. 555 x 340 cm. Est. 4.000-5.400 Euro
Lot. 906/129. A 19th century Kazak rug, Caucasus. Est. Euro 6.000-6.700

The viewing exhibition in Bredgade will be open for the public 24 February 15-18, 25 February 11-17, 26 February 11-16, 27 February 11-16 and 28 February 11-17. The online catalogue for this auction will be available Friday 11 February.

Location and more information: Bruun Rasmussen Auctioneers, Bredgade 33, 1260 København K

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