Bruun Rasmussen International auction including carpets

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Bruun Rasmussen will hold their next International Auction with carpets 1 March 2017 in Bredgade 33, Copenhagen. The auction preview is open for the public 23-27 February 2017. This auction includes decorative rugs and carpets, antique rugs and silk rugs.

A Kashan figural rug, Persia. Nader Shah at the throne surrounded by servants, people to amuse and entertain him, main border with cartouches with portraits. C. 1960. 213 x 135 cm. Est. 1150-1300.- Euro
A Isfahan rug, Persia. Classical medallion design. Knotted with kork wool on silk warps. C. 1 mio. kn. pr. sqm. 1950-1960. 246 x 145 cm. Est. 2000 Euro.
A Chinese silk rug in classical Turkish Hereke style. Arch design with flowervase. C. 1 mio. kn. pr. sqm. C. year 2000. 276 x 185 cm. Est. 2800.- Euro
A full silk Qum rug, Persia. All over stylized entwined branches. C. 1960. 208 x 138 cm. Est. 1350-1600.- Euro.

Location and more information: Bruun Rasmussen Auctioneers, Bredgade 33, 1260 Kbh K. Denmark

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