SF Rug Week: Ancient Imprints, an exhibition of Turkmen textile art

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This exhibition of Turkmen textile art, including various pile weavings of the Turkmen tribes in addition to silk embroidered textiles is the fifth in a series of ongoing formal exhibitions mounted by Thomas Cole in the past 15 months.


Coinciding with ARTS rug week events 12-17 October 2010, as his Central Asian Textile exhibition did last year at the same time, this exhibition offers an opportunity to enjoy Turkmen textile art with a presentation designed to highlight the best aspects of the art form.

Situated in Marin County (San Rafael), just 20 minutes north of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, Tom Cole has been very active with this new space, filling a niche for which the SF Bay Area has been renowned in the past.

“Additionally some rare historical images of Turkestan will be on display to provide a context for those who are less than familiar with the culture from which these rugs have emerged” says Tom Cole to Jozan Magazine.

The opening reception for the exhibition will take place Saturday night, 16 October 2010 from 6:00 pm – 9:30 pm. Ancient Imprints will run from 9 October through 12 December 2010 on a by appointment basis.

A printed catalogue will be available for purchase (contact Tom Cole)

More information: Thomas Cole – Tribal Rugs & Textile Art

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