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Barbara Jacobs
Barbara Jacobs

17 September 2005: Colorful “new twist” on Tibetan rugs. Color is Key in The Barbara Jacobs Woven Palette, the first in a series of rug designs by Barbara Jacobs created for Pandith’s Oriental Rug Gallery, Boston, Mass.

“Marketing psychologists agree that color accounts for 60% of our response to a place, and that includes our homes,” says Jacobs to Jozan Magazine. “This new group of floor coverings follows my underlying philosophy as a colorist: color, even in home furnishings, can—and should—be used with a purpose, to help create environments that meet our goals for a particular space whether it be a home or an office” she continues.

According to Barbara Jacobs she based her designs on a unique “Beyond the Trends” approach to using color in furnishings for the home and office. The “new twist” refers to this approach combined with an innovative weaving process.

Geo Borders: Smokey Teal

Colors in “The Woven Palette: Arts and Crafts series” range from softly neutral and warm to dramatically rich and vibrant.

“Because a rug can be the primary visual field, and often the focal point of a room, these designs are intended to complement each other and offer variety with continuity when used in adjacent rooms”, she says.

Leaves and Lines: Coral

According to Anwar Pandith the hand knotted rugs are made in India using an innovative weaving process: A mixture of thick, 4-ply twisted fine Afghan Ghazni and New Zealand wools are blended with select, high-quality Dhariwal Indian wool. This fiber combination creates very durable and strong yarns, woven using a combination of Tibetan and Turkish knots. The wools are hand carded, hand spun and naturally dyed.

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Contact: Barbara Jacobs  website: www.integralcolor.com

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