Varamin exhibition at ARTS 2022

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The Antique Rug & Textile Show will take place 21-23 October 2022 in San Francisco. Besides the fair with 23 antique rug and textile dealers there will be an exhibition “Varamin, A Composite Tribal Weaving Tradition From A North Persian Caravan Town” curated by DeWitt Mallary. The exhibition will run during ARTS show hours and is co-sponsored by San Francisco Bay Area Rug Society.

Varamin, a caravan town north of Tehran, was a meeting place for tribes in the 19th century. Lurs, Kurds and Shahsevan groups had a presence here and contributed to a recognizable weaving tradition that melded elements from each tribe and group. This exhibition will focus on knotted pile woven rugs and bags of the Varamin tradition.

“The Varamin exhibition is primarily based on pieces from the collection of James Douglas. He was a Baluch collector who branched out into other Persian tribal weavings and focused on Varamin pieces toward the end of his collecting” says DeWitt Mallary to Jozan Magazine.

Varamin panel 2 medallion
Varamin mafrash panel, 2 medallions on red field
Varamin 3 gul panel
Varamin mafrash panel, 3 Turkmen gul forms
Varamin mafrash panel
Varamin mafrash panel

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Location and more information: ARTS 2022, 2015 Greenwich Street, San Francisco

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