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An updated program for Sartirana Textile Show 2011 has just been released by Alberto Boralevi. This years rug & textile show takes place 14-18 September 2011 and coincides with a new fair “Antiques, Modernism and Decorative Arts” at Sartirana Castle.

“Some fifty antique rug and textile dealers will participate in Sartirana Textile Show and we have received several requests from new dealers who will be exhibiting for their first time in Sartirana” says Alberto Boralevi to Jozan Magazine.

Long distance travellers visiting Sartirana Textile Show in 2010. Ann Nicholas and Richard Blumenthal from USA. (Jozan archive photo)

Besides the dealer fair the show includes three special exhibitions and short lectures all show-days in the afternoon.

The exhibition of “Chinese and Tibetan Saddle Rugs from the Collection of Koos De Jong and Ingeborg De Rood” seems to be the most important of the three special exhibitions. Koos De Jong was one of the lecturer at ICOC XII where he presented a paper on Chinese Saddle Rugs.

The second exhibition  “Amrapur, the non-violent carpet” is devoted to modern rug production in India based on Ghandi ‘s philosophy of non-violence. The third exhibition “Nespolo underfoot” is related to the new fair “Antiques, Modernism and Decorative Arts” and will present a group of handknotted rugs designed by the contemporary Italian Artist Ugo Nespolo.

More information and location: Alberto Boralevi, Sartirana Textile Show 14-18 September 2011, Sartirana Castle, Sartirana, Lomellina, Italy.

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