Turkish kilims and why they are hot in Istanbul

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by Sarah Haberkern.

Photo from Mehmet Cetinkaya Gallery.
Photo from Mehmet Cetinkaya Gallery.

The visible trend in the Istanbul rug market moves towards kilims and there are lots of Turkish kilims in the trade this year. This phenomenon has several reasons.

Firstly, because Turkish kilims have became popular among Japanese tourists. They are often first time buyers with a great and fresh enthusiasm for lower priced pieces.

Other reasons lay back in the past and are a part of a development, which shall shortly be summarized: In 2005 the Turkish Kilim came slowly back to the market. This was caused by a decrease of Caucasian pieces and the existence of private active collectors, willing to promote the Turkish Kilim.

Till 2007 the importance of the Turkish Kilim has been recognized again during several events. Among them the exhibition of the Josephine Powell Collection and other ICOC 2007 exhibitions. Suat Capas and many other dealers also arranged exhibitions and provided the market with information.

After that newer kilims fell out of focus and the trend changed to Turkish kilim fragments around 2008.

In 2009 the kilim market was dominated by Sarkoy kilims and the trend has now switched over to striped-kilims. Earlier these kilims have been used for repairs but have now become independent pieces of art.

There is also a big market of new products like ikats and suzanis which can serve the need for decorative objects with high material quality.

Sarah Haberkern, Art & Antik, Stuttgart

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