‘Tribal Collections – Nomadic Rugs & Textiles’ in Goreme, Cappadocia

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Ruth Lockwood has recently relocated ‘Tribal Collections – Nomadic Rugs & Textiles’ to a new gallery space in a traditionally restored cave house, in the unique village of Goreme, Cappadocia. This region has long been considered to be the heartland of traditional Turkish weaving enabling Ruth to purchase in situ from individual weavers, local villages and well known sources throughout Central Anatolia.

Her new gallery space is housed in a beautiful local village home just a few minutes walk from the busy tourist centre of Goreme. Comprising two unique carved cave rooms, chiselled from the volcanic tuft that is famous in Cappadocia; an upper gallery floor with soaring stone arches as well as the main mezzanine sales floor, this is a gallery where the play of natural light on stone enhances each individual weaving. Ruth has used bold natural dyed ‘perde’ kilims woven on traditional nomadic ground or pit looms as well as primitive nomadic trappings to create a welcoming, almost modern entry. The lower cave rooms reflect a traditional environment with a comprehensive range of new and antique pile carpets, tribal weavings, overstuffed cushions, ikats and textiles from Turkey and Central Asia.






‘I am loving the new space and so are all the new clients who are fascinated by the authenticity of the building as much as with the carpets and textiles themselves . It was worth the long winter of stonemasons and carpenters to restore the house into a workable space’ said Ruth Lockwood to Jozan Magazine.

Ruth Lockwood is a respected oriental carpet dealer with a long-established reputation. Originally from New Zealand, Ruth was one of the first foreign women oriental carpet dealers in Turkey, and now with nearly 3 decades of expertise her gallery is a well known choice for those looking to learn, or to acquire, a beautiful hand-knotted rug, flat-woven kilim or symbolic tribal weaving. Ruth lectures, researches, and provides expert carpet educationals for groups and individuals throughout Turkey and abroad. She has experimented with her own natural dye kilim weaving projects in the early ’90’s and hosted rug study tours to the local villages when it was still possible to see many of the age old traditions practised in the homes of the weavers themselves.

Today her focus is on her beautiful new gallery and her passion is to inspire the next generation of young carpet lovers and collectors.

Location and more information: Tribal Collections – Nomadic Rugs & Textiles, Köşe Cikmazi No:1, Orta Mahalle, 50180 Goreme, Turkey

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