Transylvanian rugs – discover Transylvania June, 2010

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Stefano Ionescu has announced “Discover Transylvania 11-19 June, 2010”. Stefano has also arranged a Transylvania tour in May 2010 but this tour is totally booked.

Study of a Ghirlandaio rug
Study of a Ghirlandaio rug

Highlights of the rug & textile study tour in June 2010:

Friday 11 June – 1st day Arrival in Bucharest

Saturday 12 June – 2nd day Bucharest
This day will include visits at the Museum of the Romanian Peasant holding the largest collection of Romanian flatweaves and at the Mogosoia Palace, which houses about 300 items donated by the top Romanian art-collectors Liana and Dan Nasta including Kula, Ghiordes, Kirshehir, Senneh rugs and Romanian scoartze.

Sunday 13 June – 3rd day Bucharest – Sinaia – Brasov
Departure for Sinaia and visit to Pele’s Castle, former residence of the royal family. 18th century
Persian carpets as well as some locally made Caucasian rugs. In the afternoon departure for Brasov.

Monday 14 June – 4th day Burzenland (Brasov county)
Visit in the Hungarian Lutheran Church (6 rugs) and a short visit to the Ethnographic Museum. In the afternoon visit to the Lutheran Church in Rosenau (3 Ottoman rugs) and the Lutheran Church in Zeiden (4 Ottoman rugs).

Tuesday 15 June – 5th day Brasov – Kronstadt
Visit in the Black Church in Brasov where 104 antique Ottoman rugs are displayed. In the afternoon visit to the Blumenau Church (13 rugs) and the St. Nicholas Orthodox Church.

St. Margaret Church in Medias
St. Margaret Church in Medias

Wednesday 16 June – 6th day Brasov – Sighisoara – Medias
Departure for Sighisoara and visit in the historical centre and the Monastery Church (40 rugs including the unique Star-lattice rug). Later departure for Biertan (25 km), a picturesque old village which was the Episcopal Seat of the Saxon Lutheran Church in Transylvania (5 rugs).
In the afternoon departure for Medias and visit in the St. Margaret Church (about 40 rugs, including 4 Holbeins; this collection has the highest number of 16th century rugs in Transylvania).

Thursday (17 June) – 7th day Medias – Sebes – Sibiu
Departure for Sibiu and visit at the National Brukental Museum (private viewing of 5
rugs including an exceptionally well preserved Holbein)
In the afternoon visit in the great Lutheran Church in Sibiu and visit in the Teutsch House, which houses a collection of Saxon works and also 2 Ottoman rugs.

Friday 18 June – 8th day Sibiu – Bucharest
Departure for Bucharest and visit in the Orthodox Monastery of Cozia.

Saturday 19 June – 9th day Departure from Bucharest
Breakfast and transfer to the airport.

Contact information: Stefano Ionescu

Jozan Magazine 13 January 2010

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