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TKF and ICOC has organized a Conference Tour Poland 18 – 23 September 2023.

‘We have put together an exciting programme with the Polish National and other museums and have an array of most interesting lectures.’ said Peter Bichler to Jozan Magazine.

Museum programme

  • 18 September arrival in Krakow
  • 19 September National Museum Krakow and Czartoryski Museum
  • 20 September Royal Castle of Wawel, Krakow, train to Warsaw
  • 21 September National Museum Warsaw, exhibitions
  • 22 September arrival in Golotczyza, Positivism Museum and viewing of the exhibition        „Fascination with Turkish art in Poland from the 15th to the 18th century“, short guided tour Castle of Ciechanow and Romanticism Museum in Ciechanow, exhibition “Beauty and Prestige: Poland and The Ottoman Carpets”, lectures, reception.
  • 23 September end of Tour, possible visit to private collection

A lecture programme will take place throughout the Tour by Ewa Orlińska-Mianowska und Monika Janisz, curators, Magdalena Ozga, Curator of the Textile Collection, Joanna Regina Kowalska, curator of the Textile and Fashion Collection and by Sumiyo Okomura, Alberto Boralevi, Beata Biedronska-Slota, Hulya Tezcan, Matthias Sypniewski and Markus Voigt.

Read more about the tour in the official programme (pdf).

Contact information: TKF – ICOC Peter Bichler.

Find books by Beata Biedronska-Slota, H. Tezcan, Alberto Boralevi,

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