The Robert Pinner Lectures at the Hali Fair

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Daniel Walker
Daniel Walker

The Robert Pinner Lectures at The HALI Fair 2006, Olympia Exhibition Centre London, will start on Saturday 10 June and conclude on Wednesday 14 June. The lectures include:

Saturday 10 June: Classical Carpets, Textiles and Islamic Art introduced by Bruce Baganz
1pm Geraldine Norman: Between East and West, Islamic Art from the Hermitage Museum
2pm John Mills: Carpets, Their Story in Painting
3pm Daniel Walker: George Hewitt Myers, Collector and Connoisseur
4pm Tom Farnham: Lord Duveen’s Carpets
5pm Alberto Boralevi: Renaissance Italy and the Oriental Carpet

Sunday 11 June: Textiles and Tribal Art introduced by Daniel Shaffer
1pm Judith Miller: Collecting Tribal Art

Daniel Shaffer, Hali
Daniel Shaffer, Hali

2pm Ricardo Paz: Textiles from Santiago del Estero
3pm Thomas Murray: From Anatolia to Borneo, the migration of a design group through trade
4pm Rosemary Crill: The Kashmir Shawl in the West
5pm Robert Chenciner: Body Language, Tattooed Mountain Women and Spoon Boxes of Daghestan

Tuesday 13 June: China and Central Asia introduced by Roderick Whitfield
1pm Antony Wynn: The Travels of Sir Percy Sykes, British Consul in Kashgar 1916
2pm Gary Dickinson: Use and Re-Use of Textiles in Tibetan Art
3pm Zhao Feng: The Origins of the Rank Badge, 7th-15th Century
4pm Jacqueline Simcox: The Mactaggart Collection of Chinese Textiles
5pm Michael Franses: Imperial Ming Carpets

Wednesday 14 June: Meet the Authors introduced by John Scott
1pm Matthew Bourne will chair an open discussion on: The Rise of the Modern Carpet
2pm Jason Goodwin: Readings from The Janissary Tree, his new detective novel set in 1830s Istanbul
3pm Jeremy James: Readings from The Byerly Turk
4pm Patricia Daunt: From Kula to the Black Sea, Ottoman Vernacular Architecture
5pm John Gillow: African Textiles

Jozan Magazine 18 May 2006

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