Exhibition ‘The Magnificent Sanguszko Carpets’ in Genoa

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An exhibition ‘The Magnificent Sanguszko Carpets’ will take place in Genoa from 11 November 2022 – 12 February 2023.

In September 2022 Michael Franses held a speak on ‘The Magnificent Sanguszko Carpets’ in a webinar hosted by Hali Publications. Only fourteen carpets of the Persian Sanguszko type are known and these carpets are among the most beautiful of all Persian carpets. The carpets are made in Kerman during the 16th-17th centuries.

Sanguszko carpet
Detail of Sanguszko carpet.

Nine of the Sanguszko carpets will be on display on an exhibition at Musei di Strada Nuova in Genoa as a part of ‘Genoa in the time of Rubens: a gaze towards the East’ at Palazzo Rosso and Palazzo Bianco. The exhibition ‘The Magnificent Sanguszko Carpets, Sixteenth Century Kerman Persia’ will take place at Palazzo Rosso and the exhibition ‘Persian Figures, Rubens, the Genoese and Safavid Figural Art’ at Palazzo Bianco.

Opening hours 11 November 2022 to 12 February 2023: Tuesday to Friday 9-18.30, Saturday and Sundays 9.30 – 18.30. The museum is closed on Monday, Christmas and new Year’s Day. A preview for invited guests wil take place 10 November 2022.

A large format book by Michael Franses,  Eleanor Sims and Anna Beselin on Sanguszko carpets will be published by Hali Publications in 2025.

Location: Musei di Strada Nuova Palazzo Rosso Via Garibaldi, 18, Genoa and Palazzo Bianco Via Garibaldi, 11, Genoa.

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