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Jaina Mishra, Wovensouls, has recently launched The Hairloom Bazaar, a marketplace to connect buyers and sellers of vintage textiles.

Jozan Magazine has asked Jaina Mishra to tell about this new webportal.

“At least once a month I get an email asking if Wovensouls would like to acquire someone’s inherited collection. Sometimes such emails come from collectors themselves who wish to retire but also want to ensure that their beautiful things are passed on to others who will appreciate them equally. Then a few weeks ago, Wall Street Journal carried a report titled “The Family Heirlooms That Our Children Don’t Want”. When I read that insightful article, I decided to invest time and effort into creating a space that will address this latent need”, she says.

The Heirloom Bazaar by Wovensouls
The Heirloom Bazaar by Wovensouls

The Heirloom Bazaar is a self-service platform that allows users to upload photos of their textiles, describe their pieces in detail and set their own prices. When interested buyers come along, they connect directly to sellers and work out the details of the acquisition. The Heirloom Bazaar’s role as a matchmaker ends there and payment and shipping are matters that buyers arrange directly with sellers. For sellers, the most useful feature of this classifieds-style portal is that there are no commissions to be paid when a piece sells. And for buyers, it is the large collective catalogue that is expected bring them back again and again.

“In the beginning the venture will be supported by Wovensouls – with a substantial contribution of effort along with funds, brand equity and learnings. In the long run, as the model of The Heirloom Bazaar is based on a ‘win-win-win’ proposition for buyers, sellers and the bazaar itself, I expect it to pay for itself.” says Jaina Mishra to Jozan Magazine.

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