The Hali Fair 8 June in London

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Textile & Tribal Art:The Hali Fair will be staged at the National Hall, Olympia, London W14, from Thursday 8 to Sunday 18 June 2006. The HALI Fair takes its name from HALI Magazine which has a respected reputation for its editorial coverage on the world’s textile heritage.

Bakshaish carpet

The rise in popularity of holiday destinations such as Morocco, Egypt and the Middle East, today brings Islamic design influences into our homes. From Iznik pottery and tiles, costumes to kilims, and  tribal and village rugs, the colourful or floral as well as geometric designs of Islamic artists have a strong appeal today.

Rug-making is a widely practised art in the Islamic world, and around two thirds of exhibitors display virtually every type of hand-woven carpet from important prayer mats to colourful tribal rugs, nomad and village weavings originally intended for use on migration and ‘city’ designs intended for domestic use and the age-old Western export market.

The visitors will also find Chinese carpets and rugs, silk velvets and embroidered silk panels, costume, terracotta and jade artefacts. Other Eastern offerings at the Fair including prayer mats from Tibet and other Himalayan regions

The visitor will see items of clothing culture spanning from Europe to the Far East. Accessories are also for sale: tribal hats, purses, beaded or metalwork evening bags, even shoes and belts can be found – from embroidered kimono ties to cornelian-studded leather hip belts.

The opening night reception will be Thursday 8 June 17:00 to 22:00, then daily from 11:00 to 18 June.

Jozan Magazine 8 May 2006 – source: Hali Fair press releases

Find antique rugs in Vendors gallery

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