The Hali Fair 2007 has been postponed

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According to Sebastian Ghandchi, Centaur Media, the Hali Fair 2007 will be postponed. The reason is lack of support from the international carpet art market.

“Unfortunately, we have not secured the required level of support from a sufficient number of dealers for the proposed fair, and we have postponed the Fair for 2007”, says Sebastian Ghandchi.

Archive photo Hali Fair 2005. Rare Ushak Saph Carpet. David Sorgato

“Over the last nine years, whilst the fair has been a commercial success for many exhibitors – and is very highly regarded by our visitors whose numbers have been growing substantially year on year – the reality of the losses we have incurred and the lack of wider support from the international carpet, textile and tribal art market have led to the decision not to continue with the event in its present form”, he continues.

Jozan Magazine 27. November 2006

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