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Knocking at the door of the sky

The exhibition, curated by Edgardo Pinto Guerra native from Alexandria, displayed a selection of 18 and 19th century prayer or meditation rugs, from different areas: Turkey, Caucasus, Iran, Central-Asia, Tibet . All rugs were provided by from the Alberto Boralevi and of Ziya Bozoglu of Perugia… read more

ICOC Dealers Fair – more rugs

ICOC XXII in Stockholm included a fair with internationally well known dealers and many of the exhibited rugs where outstanding examples of Oriental rug art… read more

San Francisco ARTS

The first Antique Rug & Textile Show at Motel Capri in San Francisco will take place October 15-26, 2009. ARTS is a co-operation between independent rug & textile dealers and Jozan Magazine. The main organizer of the show is Michael Craycraft, Galerie ArabesQue. The participants include 34 well known rug & … read more

Thematic rug and textile exhibitions – Sartirana

The show includes four thematic exhibitions. One is devoted to Early Anatolian Kilim Fragments from Alberto Boralevi Collection, the second one is Suzanis from Ziya Bozoglu Collection, the third one is Cashmire Shawls by Jacqueline de Bolle and the fourth is David Sorgato’s selection of pieces from a former Baluchi … read more