Woolley & Wallis, Eastern and Western Carpets and Rugs, Textiles and Needlework Sale, 11 February 2004

The auction includes 500 rugs and carpets. Selection from the preview. All images ©Woolley & Wallis LOT: 183 RUG NAME: Kashan Mohtashem AGE: 1900 – 1920 ESTIMATE: 1.400 – 1.600 GBP SOLD: 1.900 GBP DESCRIPTION: A good Kashan rug of so-called ‘Mohtashem’ type, west central Persia about 1900-20, 7ft.1in. x 4ft.4in. 2.16m. x 1.32m. £1400-1600 An excellent example of a distinctive design type. LOT: 184 RUG NAME: Malayer AGE: Early 20th century ESTIMATE: 700 – 1.000 GBP SOLD: 1.050 GBP DESCRIPTION: Good Malayer rug, north west Persia early 20th century, 6ft.4in. x 4ft.3in. 1.93m. x … Read more

Woolley & Wallis, Eastern and Western carpets & rugs., 16. January 2003

Eastern and Western Carpets & Rugs auction January 16th 2003. Selection from the preview. All images ©Woolley & Wallis LOT: 346 RUG NAME: Khotan rug AGE: 19th century ESTIMATE: 500 – 700 GBP SOLD: 540 GBP DESCRIPTION: A good Hetian (Khotan) rug, Xinjiang (East Turkestan), 19th century, 6ft.1 in. x 4ft. 1.86m. x 1.22m. £500-700 Overall even wear, Although the Yun Tsai T’ou main border pattern is characteristic of Khotan rugs it is fairly unusual to find it on rugs with the ‘triple medallion’ pattern; it is invariably associated with the floral guard pattern seen … Read more

Preview Wolley & Wallis Rugs and Carpets 22 October 2002

Lot 118 Shiraz rug 1930 Size 193×132 Estimate 180-220 GBP ©Woolley & Wallis .Lot 206 Raver Kerman 1920-30 Size 404×315 cm 7500-9000 GBP ©Woolley & Wallis Nigde Yastik rug 1900 Size 79×48 cm Estimate 150-200 GBP ©Woolley & Wallis Lot 318 Anatolian Kosak rug Dated 1939 Size 218×117 cm GBP330-350 ©Woolley & Wallis Lot 352 Yomut Turkmen Chuval Late19 Century Size 81×122 cm. Estimate GBP200-250 ©Woolley & Wallis Lot 374 Caucasian Erivan rug 1920 Size 173×127 cm. Estimate GBP150-250 ©Woolley & Wallis Lot 389 Caucasian Karachov Late 19 Century Size 205×186 cm. Estimate GBP1800-2000 ©Woolley … Read more

Selection from preview Wolley & Wallis 25 September 2002

Lot 179 Heriz carpet, north west Persia about 1930-40, 12ft. x 8ft. 3.66m. x 2.44m. £400-500 – Small area of moth damage left edge and into field and several areas on reverse. ©Woolley & Wallis   Lot 228 Turkoman carpet, Khorasan, north east Persia about 1940-50, 8ft.8in. x 5ft.1in. 2.64m. x 1.55m. £170-200 Condition report : Not separately supplied ©Woolley & Wallis   Lot 240 Saryk torba, Turkmenistan late 19th century, 1ft.5in. x 5ft. 1in. 0.43m. x 1.55m. £100-200 – Overall even wear, foundations brittle with small splits in centre. ©Woolley & Wallis   Lot … Read more

Preview “Carpets, Rugs and Textiles sale” – Woolley & Wallis’ auction 9 July 2002

rev. 04. July 02 Lot  288 Baluchi ©Woolley & Wallis   There are 619 lots on sale 9th July 2002. Among these 370 rugs and carpets.We have made a selection of interesting tribal Baluchi, Caucasian and Anatolian rugs from this auction. The desciptions below are from Woolley & Wallis online catalogue. Woolley & Wallis description and estimate: Lot 288 Baluchi rug, Mashad region, Khorasan, north east Persia about 1900, 4ft.11in. x 2ft.11in. 1.50m. x 0.89m. £120-150 Condition report: One small kink.  Woolley & Wallis description and estimate: Lot 289 Baluchi rug, Mashad area, Khorasan, north … Read more

Woolley & Wallis Rugs, Carpets and Textiles auction 16 April 2002

Lot 257 Daghestan rug 2h19ct. ©Woolley & Wallis     Lot 329 Baluchi rug late 19ct.  ©Woolley & Wallis   Lot 150 Derbend carpet dated 1904 ©Woolley & Wallis  Lot 186 DOBAG rug 1980 ©Woolley & Wallis  Lot 290 Ersari chuval 1900 ©Woolley & Wallis  Ersari chuval late 19ct.  ©Woolley & Wallis  Lot 263 Fachralo Kazak rug late 19ct. ©Woolley & Wallis  Lot  183 Karaja rug 1920 ©Woolley & Wallis  Lot 44 Khamseh rug early 20ct.  ©Woolley & Wallis  Lot 143 Tabriz rug 1920 ©Woolley & Wallis  Lot  297 Tekke torba mid. 19 ct. ©Woolley … Read more

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