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Sartirana photos

This years Sartirana Textile Show took place 14-18 September 2011. Some forty dealers showed some of their best antique rugs and textiles for the visiting public and for their collegues… read more

Impressions from the ongoing Sartirana Textile Show

Sartirana Textile Show will run through Sunday 18 September. This years show includes some forty dealers and the level of exhibited antique rugs and textiles are – as usual – high. Besides the fair the show also includes special exhibitions and lectures, the socalled Tea Time Talks… read more

Sartirana preview

The 7th edition of Sartirana Textile Show will take place 14-18 September at Sartirana Castle in Italy. Some fifty dealers are expected to exhibit at the show and the temporary dealer list includes Alberto Boralevi, Alberto Levi, Anatolian, Anatolian Picker, Art & Antik, Aydin Oriental Rugs, Carlo Kocman, Carpet Diem, … read more