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ICOC St. Petersburg tour

ICOC post conference tour to St. Peterburg took place 20-23 June 2011.
The tour included visits to several museums and among them the Kunstkamera, the Russian Ethnographic Museum (REM), the State Hermitage Museum and as a special organised event the carpet storage of REM… read more

Attend the 12th ICOC in Sparkling Stockholm: June 16-19, 2011.

by Dennis Dodds, Secretary-general, ICOC. We invite you join us for the International Conference on Oriental Carpets big events in Stockholm, Copenhagen and St. Petersburg. The deadline for the ‘Early Bird’ Registration discount is just 30 days away! Book before December 1st and enjoy considerable savings. At the conference, hear … read more

The 12th ICOC in Stockholm

by Dennis Dodds Mark your calendars for the 12th ICOC in Stockholm and St. Petersburg In June of 2011, ICOC will offer a veritable smorgasbord of unexpected discoveries, receptions and festive cultural events that are sure to appeal to enthusiasts and aficionados, expert collectors, scholars and dealers from around the world. Mark your … read more

The World’s Oldest Carpet Story: The Pazyryk

Every carpet tells a story. But few tell one as fascinating as the oldest intact carpet ever found. It is the Pazyryk carpet, discovered frozen in a tomb beneath the Siberian steppe. The carpet was woven sometime in the 5th century and recovered almost 2,500 years later when, in 1949, … read more