Nomadic Weavings from the Collection of William and Inger Ginsberg at the MET

Nomadic weavings on display at the MET The MET will show an exhibition ‘Nomadic Weavings from the Collection of William and Inger Ginsberg’ from 25 September 2017 through 7 May 2018. The location is The Met Fifth Avenue, The Hagop Kevorkian Fund Special Exhibitions Gallery, Floor 2, Gallery 458. The exhibition will highlight 19 distinctly patterned examples of woven bags, accompanied by one pile-woven saddle cover, that lend insight into a way of life practiced in the Middle East for hundreds of years. The gift, which came to The Met in 2015, greatly expands the … Read more

The MET will reopen their Islamic art galleries 1 November 2011

The Metropolitan Museum of Art will be reopening their Islamic Art galleries 1 November 2011. The 15 new galleries include art of the Arab Lands, Turkey, Iran, Central Asia, and Later South Asia. The renovated galleries houses the Metropolitan’s famous collection of Islamic art. The renovation began five years ago so the reopening has been awaited with excitement for a very long time. The museums collection of Islamic art is considered as the most important and comprehensive in the world and includes more than 12,000 works of art from Spain in the west to India … Read more

Rugs and Ritual in Tibetan Buddhism

A special exhibition “Rugs and Ritual in Tibetan Buddhism” will take place through 27 March 2011 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Around thirty works including Tibetan tantric rugs will form the installation. These rugs typically depict the flayed skin of an animal or human and, together with associated ritual objects, are the tools involved in esoteric rites. The exhibition and installation will also feature two large ritual tangkas, together with the rugs upon which the practitioner sits. Location and more information: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1000 Fifth Avenue, New York

Radiance From the Rainforest

Review by Valerie Justin, Vanishing Textiles Gorgeous garments and accoutrements from pre conquest South America fashioned from the brilliantly colored feathers of birds from the Amazonian rain forests, are currently shown in the Michael Rockefeller wing of the Metropolitan Museum in NYC. Titled “RADIANCE FROM THE RAINFOREST- Featherwork in Ancient Peru” this exhibit covers different cultures and different areas from the very early (6th-1st BC) Paracas culture on the Pacific South Coast through Nasca and Huari cultures to the Chimu whose leaders ruled over a large area on Peru’s North Coast and whose feathered textiles … Read more

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