Ottoman art at the Textile Museum

The Textile Museum, Washington DC, will open their exhibition “The Sultan’s Garden: The Blossoming of Ottoman Art” 21 September 2012. This exhibition will run through 10 March 2013… read more

ICOC lectures: Turkey

The ICOC Turkey lectures took place 18 June in the morning and included lectures by Suzan Bayraktaroðlu, Vedat Karadag and Stefano Ionescu. Sumru Krody was moderator… read more

TM’s 2010 Symposium, Tying the Rainbow: Re-examining Central Asian Ikats

by Valerie Justin. Sunday October 17th Curator Sumru Krody led a tour of the Exhibition Colors of the Oasis: Central Asian Ikats as part of the Textile Museum’s 2010 Symposium in Washington, DC. The exhibit is a dazzling display of these vibrantly colored, intricately (resist) dyed robes and wearing garments … read more