Rabinovic’s Collection of Anatolian rugs

Nazmiyal Auction’s next live auction ‘Early Antique Rugs and Rare Textiles’ 25 February 2024 includes 51 pieces of Anatolian rugs and fragments from the Rabinovic Collection of Anatolian Rugs. Samy Rabinovic, who passed away in March 2021, was born and raised in Istanbul and came to Lowell, Massachusetts in 1967, … read more

Anatolian rug fragments from the Samy Rabinovic Collection

Karaman rug fragment

Gallery51 in Philadelphia, PA, is hosting an exhibition of Anatolian rug fragments from the Samy Rabinovic Collection and the exhibition will run through 31 December 2021. Opening hours at the gallery at 51 N 2nd St, Philadelphia, are Tuesday-Friday from 11 am – 6 pm, Saturday from noon-5 pm. The … read more

Explore Transylvania and the Antique Ottoman Carpets in October 2004

“The Rug Study Tour of Antique Ottoman Carpets 2004 is from Bucharest to Budapest on October 7-16, 2004” says Samy Rabinovic to Jozan Magazine. “For any serious student of history, classical rugs and fantastic scenery and great food, this is an opportunity not to miss”, he continues. There will be … read more