Updates for Sartirana Textile Show VII

An updated program for Sartirana Textile Show 2011 has just been released by Alberto Boralevi. This years rug & textile show takes place 14-18 September 2011 and coincides with a new fair “Antiques, Modernism and Decorative Arts” at Sartirana Castle. “Some fifty antique rug and textile dealers will participate in Sartirana … read more

Review of the American Conference on Oriental Rugs 2006

The American Conference on Oriental Rugs – ACOR 8 in April 2006 – included plenary-, focus- and hands-on-sessions, a dealer fair and twelve exhibitions. Plenary sessions: The Textile Museum  in the 21st Century Wendel Swan: Mystery Rug Focus and hands-on sessions: Ann Nicholas, Richard Blumenthal: Tribal Bags of South Persia … read more

ACOR 8 in Boston, twelve rug and textile exhibitions

New England Collects: Carpets and Textiles from 26 members of the New England Rug Society The exhibition featured 50 examples from member collections and showcased classic rug types like Caucasian, Turkmen, Persian and Baluch pile rugs but also flat woven rugs and other textiles. The curator was Julia Bailey, Boston … read more