Kashan City – rugs and carpets

by Ehsan Afzalzadeh Naini, Iran Rug CompanyKashan, a city with an area of 2100 ha. lays in central plate of Iran, 945 meters above sea level. Being on 51’27” east and 33’59” north, it is surrounded by mountains on one side and Kevir on the other. Now being a district of Esfahan, Kashan was a part of Jebal state in old times. The mountain chain goes from Northwest to Southeast and the longest peak around is Karkas, 3800 meters high. The city is 235 Km south of the capital Tehran, and 250 Km North of … Read more

Isfahan – a brief overview of the rug & carpet weaving

by Ehsan Afzalzadeh Naini, Iran Rug Company 29 June 2005 Isfahan ( Esfahan ) was called Key during Akhamenid era and Fereydun Shahr was a fertile and glorious land called Partica in those times. Isfahan has always been an important city of Persia; being the capital of the country for several times or at least the center of province or Satrap. The hard effort that the Great King Abbas (of Safavid Dynasty) put in reconstructing the city, brought world wide fame and glory to the city. The title ‘Half of the World’, given to the … Read more

Nain carpets by Ehsan Afzalzadeh Naini

Nain rugs and carpets by Ehsan Afzalzadeh Naini, Iran Rug Company 21 June 2005 Naein ( Nain ) History books don’t say anything about Naein rugs although the city itself, is more than 3000 years old. Till 60 years ago Naein was famous for it’s ‘ABA’ (mantle). As the Iranians’ taste of clothes changed, the demand for mantles slowed down and the people of Naein put all their effort on carpet weaving. Naien design undoubtedly, is not a native local design. People took the design from Isfahan but used their own colors affected by the … Read more

Persian dyes

by Ehsan Afzalzadeh Naini, Iran Rug Company Iran Rug Co has established a laboratory and is running a research project on vegetal dyes Oldest signs of mankind’s use of dyes go back 150 to 200 thousand years ago. Some cylinder bones containing ochre and oily solutions are found and estimated to have that age. In west Iran (Persia), some beautiful dishes and glasses having paintings and drawings of animals in black, purple and red colors on a crème or white-yellow background, belonging to the “Susa” civilization (3000 BC) are found. ‘Medes’ (2000 BC) used dyed … Read more

Arak Carpets by Ehsan Afzalzadeh Naini

by Ehsan Afzalzadeh Naini, Iran Rug Company 20 April 2005 Historical and geographical features of Markazi province Arak City is not older than 200 years; but before Islam, which is 1400 years ago, a part of great Median Empire was called Arak. The area was razed during Arab attack. Some 100 years later the area was named Iraq-e-Ajam (Non-Arab Iraq), which consisted of nearly 1000 villages and was 9000 km2. For 200 years ago Fathali Shah ordered to build a castle for the royal troops in the region, which after it’s population growth was named … Read more

Kurd tribes and Kurdish rugs in the Khorasan Province of Iran

by Ehsan Afzalzadeh Naini, Iran Rug Company Translated from Persian by Fereidoun Haghighi 15 February 2005 Kurd tribes who live in various regions of Iran are the biggest and oldest Iranian tribes of Arian race who established the “Mod Dynasty” in the mountainous west where Iran is today, and for many centuries they lived with dignity and in prosperity by defending their motherland and have never faltered in their path and more importantly, they left behind a rich cultural background that is recorded in history and their traditional way of living has been continued by … Read more