Exceptional price $33.8 million for a 17th century Kerman carpet

Sotheby’s auction ‘Important Carpets from the William A. Clark Collection’ 5 June 2013 in New York brought a world record for a carpet sold at an auction. A 17th century Kerman ‘The Clark Sickle-Leaf Carpet’, lot 12, sold for an exceptional price of $33.8 million… read more

Sothebys: The Collections of Bergi Andonian and Joseph W. Fell

Sothebys auction “Textiles, Rugs and Carpets from the Collections of Bergi Andonian and Joseph W. Fell” will take place 19 May 2011 in New York. “The auction will include approximately 180 lots, half from each collection” says Mary Jo Otsea to Jozan Magazine. Examples from the Collection of Bergi Andonian: … read more

Woven Splendor 11 April – 17 August 2008

The exhibition Woven Splendor at the New-York Historical Society celebrates the 75th anniversary of the Hajji Baba Club, the oldest rug club in United States. This Hajji Baba anniversary is the reason why the next American Conference on Antique Rugs & Textiles.. read more