Safavid carpets – Iran Carpet Museums 40th anniversary

Iran Carpet Museum in Tehran, founded in 1976, has been celebrating it’s 40th anniversary 14 February 2018. A special exhibition of forty Safavid carpets has been a part of the celebration and Manouchehr Haghighat, a Tehran carpet dealer, has provided Jozan Magazine with photos and information from the event. Examples … read more

Tabriz and Hamadan bazaars

Manouchehr Haghighat, Tehran carpet dealer, has just returned from a buying trip to Hamadan, Kermanshah, Ardebil and Tabriz. During this trip he took some interesting photos from the bazaars… read more

Arak and Hamadan Bazaars

“Compared with 5-6 years ago it is difficult to find real old pieces nowadays” says Manouchehr Haghighat, Tehran carpet dealer, to Jozan Magazine. “I have just been on a four days buying trip to Arak and Hamadan and bought six pieces” he continues. Photo courtesy Manouchehr Haghighat –