Bakhtiari – travelling in Iran 1998

by Lars N Nygaard, photos by Sadegh Miri and Lars Nygaard The next morning we left Esfahan at 5.30 and with our Nissan Patrol stuffed full with gear, we drove westward towards the mountains. There was hardly any traffic at this hour, when we left the urbanization. We headed towards … read more

Buying rugs in Turkey – Rah Rah “Kilims”

Rah Rah "kilim"

Perhaps you have been in Turkey as a tourist and visited rug shops to find a collectable rug to bring home as a souvenir. Most rug shops have a large inventory of both new Turkish pile rugs and flatweaves but a real collectable rug seems hard to find for the … read more

Sirjan photos by Lars Nygaard

Sirjan photos By Lars N. Nygaard Lars N Nygård, Oslo, Norway – President of the Norwegian Art and Antique Dealers Association Lars N Nygård Orientalske Tepper

Travelling in Iran – Sirjan

by Lars N Nygård, Oslo, Norway, President of the Norwegian Art and Antiquedealers Association – 14 January, 2004 Capitol of the Afsharis After a 180 kilometres drive from Kerman, we arrived in Sirjan at nine in the morning. We drove about a little, taking a look at the street life. … read more