Baluch Exhibition at ‘Blaafarvevaerket’ in Norway

Lars N. Nygaard, a well-known Norwegian antique rug dealer, has in cooperation with a dedicated collector Jan Eskeland, organized a very large and interesting exhibition of Baluch rugs at Blaafarvevaerket in Åmot ca. 80 km from Oslo. The exhibition runs from 13 May through 24 September 2023 and includes circa … read more

ICOC Dealers Fair – more rugs

ICOC XXII in Stockholm included a fair with internationally well known dealers and many of the exhibited rugs where outstanding examples of Oriental rug art… read more

ICOC Dealers Fair – part II

The ICOC Dealers Fair included a lot of highly collectable, and expensive, antique rugs on display. The fair was open 16 June in the evening for the delegates and 17-19 June for the public. Read more: Dealers Fair part I

Dealers Fair preview III

ICOC Dealers Fair will include a lot of highly collectable rugs as shown in our recent preview I and preview II. Take a look at more rugs there will be on display at the Dealers Fair at ICOC Stockholm 16-19 June 2011… read more