Report from the ongoing Sartirana Textile Show 2014

Ulrike Montigel with a 15th century Italian velvet textile

La Pila in Sartirana Lomellina, the location for the 10th edition of Sartirana Textile Show, opened it’s doors for the show Wednesday 10 September 2014 at 6 pm. Some twenty Italian and International antique rug and textile dealers have brought their best antique rugs and textiles… read more

Sartirana – report from the ongoing antique rug and textile show

Sartirana Textile Show began Thursday 13 September at 6 pm and as usual the quality of the exhibited antique rugs and textiles is high. Sartirana is a very special fair because of it’s relaxed atmosphere and the location in the countryside in a small town circa 100 km from Milano… read more

ICOC Dealers Fair – more rugs

ICOC XXII in Stockholm included a fair with internationally well known dealers and many of the exhibited rugs where outstanding examples of Oriental rug art… read more