The Heirloom Bazaar

Jaina Mishra, Wovensouls, has recently launched The Hairloom Bazaar, a marketplace to connect buyers and sellers of vintage textiles. Jozan Magazine has asked Jaina Mishra to tell about this new webportal. “At least once a month I get an email asking if Wovensouls would like to acquire someone’s inherited collection. … read more

From Ashgabat to Istanbul

Textile Museum of Canada - Ashgabat to Istanbul - Oriental Rugs from Canadian Collections.

The exhibition ‘From Ashgabat to Istanbul’ at the Textile Museum of Canada is a great reason to visit Toronto before April 19, 2015. The 70+ works of rug art on display come from over several private collections and institutions from all over Canada… read more

Textile Palimpsests by Jaina Mishra at Dawson College, Montreal

With a very rare motif of a Dutch Ship.From Kota Agung region in Sumatra

Montreal Oriental Rug Society has announced a lecture “Textile Palimpsests” by Jaina Mishra Saturday 25 October at 2.00 pm at Dawson College, Montreal. This talk we will explore a few such textile palimpsests – the Tampan Ship Cloth of Sumatra, the Phulkari Bagh of Punjab, the Ludhi of the Rabari tribe and a few others… read more

Asian folk art and antique textile exhibition in Singapore

Wovensouls - Vanishing Cultures Exhibition 7-9 March 2014 at The Arts House in Singapore

An antique textile and Asian folk art exhibition ‘Vanishing Cultures’, organized by Jaina Mishra, Wovensouls, took place 7-9 March 2014 at The Arts House in Singapore. Beside tribal Asian textiles from the collection of Jaina Mishra the exhibition also showcased tribal jewelry, folk paintings and fine art photo prints… read more