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Kashan City – rugs and carpets

by Ehsan Afzalzadeh Naini, Iran Rug Company Kashan, a city with an area of 2100 ha. lays in central plate of Iran, 945 meters above sea level. Being on 51’27” east and 33’59” north, it is surrounded by mountains on one side and Kevir on the other. Now being a … read more

Isfahan – a brief overview of the rug & carpet weaving

Isfahan ( Esfahan ) was called Key during Akhamenid era and Fereydun Shahr was a fertile and glorious land called Partica in those times. by Ehsan Afzalzadeh Naini, Iran Rug Company Isfahan has always been an important city of Persia; being the capital of the country for several times or … read more

Persian dyes

by Ehsan Afzalzadeh Naini, Iran Rug Company Iran Rug Co has established a laboratory and is running a research project on vegetal dyes Oldest signs of mankind’s use of dyes go back 150 to 200 thousand years ago. Some cylinder bones containing ochre and oily solutions are found and estimated … read more

Arak Carpets by Ehsan Afzalzadeh Naini

by Ehsan Afzalzadeh Naini, Iran Rug Company20 April 2005 Historical and geographical features of Markazi province Arak City is not older than 200 years; but before Islam, which is 1400 years ago, a part of great Median Empire was called Arak. The area was razed during Arab attack. Some 100 … read more