The Splendour of Anatolia

The exhibition “Splendour of Anatolia” takes place in Kunsthal Rotterdam 2 February – 1 June 2008. The exhibition includes rare kilims , various furnished nomadic tents, a traditionally harnessed camel and attractive film material of the nomadic culture in Anatolia. The colourful kilims are a part of internationally renowned private … read more

Classical Anatolian carpet revival

Jozan Magazine has asked Christopher Andrews to tell about his venture and release of a line of carpets that include variations on the theme of 15th and 16th century Lotto and Holbein carpets. Herein I want to describe a journey I have taken, deep into the heart of the art … read more

ACOR snapshots

Snapshots – American Conference on Oriental Rugs in Boston 2006

Josephine Powell receives the Myers Award

In his speak at ACOR on 22 April 2006, Daniel Walker, The Textile Museum’s Director, told the audience that Josephine Powell would receive the George Hewitt Myers Award 2006. On 12 May The Textile Museum officially announced: “Josephine Powell, internationally renowned ethnographer, photographer and expert on nomadic weaving and traditions … read more